Regardless of their unique style, everyone is constantly searching for a pair of shoes that combine comfort, elegance, and fashion. A pair of mules is one of the greatest solutions that checks all these criteria. Also the lack of back straps in them, makes them more simple to put on and take off. 

In keeping with the Mule heritage, Lilac Tree offers a variety of flexible Mules in unique hues and styles for every occasion. By choosing our mules, you are choosing a pair of footwear that beautifully compliments all your modern and ethnic outfits!

An all-purpose mule with exquisite handcrafted design delivers a blossoming highlight. Grab your favourite Lilac mule right away.



Slides are a type of stylish, upscale, and comfortable footwear that are good to go in all seasons. Slides have been fashionable for many years. Sliders are the all seasons go-to fashion footwear for women searching for simple yet stylish footwears. 

Lilac Tree's incredible in-house slide collections highlight simplicity, comfort, and elegance. These handmade slides look unique with every ensemble thanks to the adornment of beads and print design.

They can also come in handy at the last minute for conferences and professional meetings so that your formal attire has a touch of class and elegance. Slides of every style, for every occasion; exclusively at Lilac Tree’s online collection.



Handcrafted with precision, and always drawing inspiration from Indian heritage and royalty, Punjabi Juttis have emerged as a significant fashion accessory for women around the globe. Undoubtedly, Juttis for women are transcending borders captivate the western world with its charm and elegance. Punjabi juttis hail primarily from Amritsar and Patiala, Punjab, India and stand out as the most stylish and stunning designs. These juttis are characterized by a symmetrical design, flat sole, and cushioned base for your foot to remain comfortable all-day long! 

These juttis are staples during weddings and festive seasons. However, we embrace the fusion of traditional aesthetics and modern flair, offering a curated collection of premium designer juttis for women online. 



Lilac Tree comes with a perfect range of Lilac HEELS, fashion for your feet after extensive research! We believe that Lilac Tree will create the most luxurious, beautiful, and distinctive heels you've ever seen. 

Every heel on a Lilac Tree’s features gorgeous, intricate embellishments that harmonise well with the footwear's face. Since the pair of heels looks amazing no matter which side you view it from! Only in the Lilac Tree can you move and walk with charm. 

Explore the amazing collection of heels on our online store and pick any of them! As all of them are crafted with an aim to perfectly match your occasion thereby taking care of your comfort!



How to Style Mules by Lilac Tree
Are you looking for how to styles mules? Your search ends here. Explore the top 10 styles to wear mules with Lilac Tree's Comprehensive Guide. Dive into our expert tips on how to effortlessly blend mules into your wardrobe for every occasion, season, and mood.
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