About The Lilac Tree!

“Good footwear takes you to good places”.  — Seohyun And with this mindset as the concept, we, at Lilac Tree strive to create the best looking and best feeling footwear for you! Lilac Tree began as an endeavour to produce shoes that appeal to your personality, personal style and most occasions.
It all began with our founders' unwavering search and commitment to handcrafted patterns and motifs. Arising from her passion for handcrafted designs, Ms Reena joined hands with artisans to launch her own footwear line, with an aim to represent innovation and originality. The Lilac tree encompasses the spirit of handcrafted designs, comfort, and luxury for your feet In choosing the name "Lilac Tree" for her company, she aimed to evoke the radiance, strength, and sophistication of the Lilac flower, a symbol of femininity, grace, and elegance. The brand's dedication to sustainability and the use of natural resources in its goods is also reflected in the name. "Lilac Tree" is rooted in the conviction that style and sustainability may coexist in peace, much like a tree is grounded in the earth and gives us air and resources.

Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree aims to bring authentic and classic handcrafted wear to your feet. As a brand, we strive to develop products that are a pure blend of design and artistry. Our footwear is designed and crafted with peerless attention to features and a unique sense of pride in the craft.

We are enriched with a creative knack to make you stand out of the crowd with our unique hand worked designs. Our footwear range is a symbol of freshness and creativity, perfect for most outfits and occasions be it office meetups, casual outings or pairing them with traditionals.

Functional, fun, and fabulous; these words encompass the spirit of what we create at the Lilac Tree.

Exhibiting The Founder’s Journey

Inspired from the unique and rich, colourful heritage of India, our founder Reena Madhok aspires to imbibe the uniqueness Indian craftwork holds. On her journey to find something appealing, creative, and out of the box in footwear, Reena's search led her to the Lilac Tree!

While India boasts of impeccable hand-crafted creativity, the glamorous yet subtly stylish mix was missing from the footwear market in Australia. And with an aim to amp things up from a creative perspective, our team of designers with inherent passion towards creating something unique, functional, and trendy came together to give rise to the brand.

Lilac Tree's products are the outcome of an intertwined team and highly-skilled professional craftsmen with remarkable expertise in the manufacturing techniques needed to produce quality goods, from concept to design to production. Thus not leaving a single element overlooked!

We have always aimed for uniqueness and handcrafted articles, and it is owing to our quest to always be creatively unique that the Lilac Tree has been able to strive ahead in its journey of becoming a loved footwear brand.

Craftsmanship & Artistry

The Lilac Tree is synonymous with subpar creativity when it comes to designs, execution, and the final product. We are proud to endorse and use vegan leather for making our footwear range which makes us a nature friendly brand.

All of our products boast bespoke handcrafted craftsmanship and talent undertaken through local craftsmen, giving them an opportunity of livelihood while they make our designs come alive with their artistry.

Seamless fit, cushioned base, craftwork that lasts long and is extremely easy to maintain, our no-shoe bites formula ensures you experience happy feet throughout! At Lilac Tree, we indulge in top-notch creativity and artistry methods that result in footwear of highest quality.

Our Packaging

Our products are packed with love and utmost safety toward the shipping process. We want our products to reach you in the good shape that they were packed in. And as a conscious, people’s friendly brand we ensure that we use minimum waste packaging that helps our products stay safe and sturdy whilst not being a menace to the environment. 

At the Lilac Tree, we undertake great efforts in packaging just as we undertake in designing our products. Our packaging comes with butter paper wrapped footwear so the exquisite craftwork doesn’t budge. We also provide dust bags for storing the footwear in the long run and for that “extra care”. 

Our packaging boxes are strong and sturdy to ensure no damage is caused to the footwear during the shipping process. And last but not the least, we provide a Care Card with every pair, with extensive instructions on the cleaning, care, and storage of footwear. 

What Makes Lilac Tree Unique?